When I turned 40 I realized that life was slipping by at a rapid pace.

I had so many things to do and places to go.

I decided to take stock and create the life I wanted.

As a child, my father was in the military so I spent my formative years living outside Paris, France.

 I've had a case of wanderlust ever since!

One thing I had determined I wanted was to travel more. 

Then, bam, as life does, an unexpected blessing came into my life.

I would become a mother again at 42. Which is really strange when you have to tell your grandkids.

One thing I’d always wanted to do but never thought possible was to travel the globe.

So the adventure began!

​Sometimes I traveled with friends.

Sometimes alone.

Sometimes my daughter went with me. Her first big trip was to the Netherlands and the Ukraine. 

Since I've made a commitment to traveling,  I've traveled around the United States (my home country), Europe (Western and Eastern), Asia, and the Middle East as well as to neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico.

That could be a fairly small list compared to your travels. Or it could be a larger list than yours. It really doesn't matter how much or little you've traveled! All that matters is that you travel!

During that time of my life I raised a daughter, started some entrepreneurial businesses, graduated from college, volunteered on many nonprofit boards and ran for a political office. ​

All that to say that you can still travel while having responsibilities and busy lifestyle.

I went on major trips (crossing oceans) and minor ones (visiting states). I could have gone to more places but I choose to go back to some places more than once.

I highly recommend returning to places you've enjoyed and experiencing the things you weren't able to do the first go-round. Some places are just that good!

For instance, I'm still exploring the state where I live--Colorado. This is a state of so much beauty. It's a place to get out and hike, bike, or soak in the numerous hot springs around the state. There are places I love such as Rocky Mountain National Park/Estes Park, Glenwood Springs and Denver that find me returning time and time again.  Yes, I'm a bit biased about how great Colorado is!

Snowy Pikes Peak over the Garden of the Gods.

Photographer Unknown.

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I've created a life around speaking, teaching and writing that allows me to travel.

I also do house and pet sitting across the globe.

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