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This is the place for women who love to travel and live life to the fullest!

Are you a woman who's ready to take on the world? 

If you yelled "YES!" then this is the place for you!

This is for the woman wanting a Fun, Flexible and Fulfilling Lifestyle.

It's a lifestyle that allows you to:

…Travel more for less

…Empower your entrepreneurial spirit

…Spend more time pursuing your passions

…Enjoy more financial and personal freedom

and most of all...

…Get what you really want out of life!

When I turned 40 I realized that life was slipping by at a rapid pace.

I had so many things to do and places to go.

Can you relate?

I decided to take stock and create the life I wanted.

You can read more of my personal story here.

Along the way I've learned quite a bit about travel.

Most importantly, I've learned how to travel more and travel well with less money. You get to benefit from that knowledge. 

That's why I’m happy to share with you what I've learned. 

I hope the information you gain will enable you to explore the places you've only dreamed of. 

I also know that a regular 9 to 5 job doesn't work well for travel.

That's when I chose to become a Work Quilter.

Interested in learning more about work quilting? Check it out here.

So in addition to travel, you'll find work tips to help make your travel dreams come true.

If money seems to hold you back, start by checking out How to Easily Fund Your Travel.

My desire is that you get what you really want out of life.

If that includes travel, then this is the place for you.

Here's what you won't find.

How to Travel with Small Kiddos. Been there, done that. It's loads of fun. So if you're a mom in the throes of motherhood--enjoy that sweet and precious time. It goes by way too fast. While I won't share kid-friendly travel tips, you'll still find usable travel tips along with insights into creating myriad income streams--great for SAHM's! 

Extreme Frugal or Minimalist Travel.  I love finding great deals so the site will always show you how to get the most for less. But I prefer to focus on comfort and convenience over cost. Therefore, I won't be sharing much about backpacking in the wild (which I love by the way) or hostel stays where 20 people share a room. I am a proponent of packing light. 

Political Posturing. I know that when I go to a travel site, I want to learn about travel. Period. I respect that we have at least one thing in common--travel. Traveling the world does engage various cultures, politics and differing methodologies. However, I save my political rants for my friends and family. On here, you won't get my views on anything except chocolate--dark is the only correct choice.

Here's what you will find.

Inside my blog and newsletter you'll find helpful tips on how to:

* Explore more of the world for less cost

* Create incomes that travel with you

* Work less and travel more!

Travel is an extremely personal adventure.

If you want to go luxury all the way--go for it. If you prefer the $20 a day adventures, good for you.

Most of the insights I share are geared toward the woman who has some expendable income.

It's for women who have been around the block. Maybe more than once.

You know who you are and what you want.  

You may have a spouse or children or responsibilities that don't allow you to see seven continents or countries in seven months. Or you may not want to travel all the time.

You may still have work that keeps you from traveling as much as you'd like. But you're not ready to change that right now. It meets your needs for this moment, for this time. 

Your travel goals are not to turn your life into Instagram worthy shots. Instead, your travel goals are to infuse your life with the simple joys of connection with other cultures.

If you enjoy visiting one place over and over, then that is travel success. If you want to go somewhere new on every trip, then so be it. You don't care if someone has traveled more or less than you have. You only know that travel continues to mold you into a better person. And so you go. 

You want to travel more and travel well. What that means is up to you!

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in your journey. 

So join the club because you know that Girls Wanta’ Go!

Vikki Walton, Founder

I look forward to connecting with you!